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Най- 3 blade stove fan requires no electricity to operate, it uses the heat from your stove to power the fan and efficiently disperses the heat around your room. The stove fan will begin to work around 60°C, the hotter the temperature of the stove the faster the fan blades will rotate. The stove fan has a working temperature between 60°C (140° F) and 300°C (572° F), if the temperature begins to exceed this, the safety device on the bottom of the fan will rise up and raise the front of the fan to protect it from high temperatures, the fan will automatically recover as the surface temperature decreases. We include a carrying handle so you can move the fan when needed. Always use gloves or tongs when the fan is hot. The stove fan costs nothing to run, simply stand it on top of your wood stove and watch it begin to disperse heat around the room! Our design maximize airflow so the stove fan can push more hot air around your room. The stove fan operates silently and creates a quiet and comfortable environment.

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1.More efficient wood useUse up to 17% less wood

2.Heat захранва печка фен – increases the efficiency of your freestanding stove oven or wood / log burner to generate warmth economically

3.Екологичен и със собствено захранване – термоелектрически модул действа като малък генератор за захранване на мотора на вентилатора

4.Operates automatically between 60 and 350°C with self-regulating speed according to the temperature in the room. Circulates at 180 – 210 CFM

5.Тиха работа, creates a quiet and comfortable environment without using any electricity.


1. Heat захранва печка фен
Increase your comfort and reduce fuel consumption

2.Your comfort ,we care!
Stove fan increases your comfort,Тиха работа

3.China manufacturer of stove fan
Perfect quality and better price,more model for your choose.

4.Eco friendly heat powered wood stove fan
Self powered by thermal electricity technology, using heat from your stove

5.Eco stove fan
Circulate more warm air throughout your room.increase your comfort

6.heat powered stove fan for wood during stove.
Reduce fuel consumption up to 14%,and increase your comport

7.Heat захранва печка фен
Circulate more warm air created stove throughout your room, prevent the warm air escaping from your chimney



Why Choose Us

– професионален – We have more than 10 years experience in aluminum profile and stove fan.

– за пестене на пари – as a experienced manufacturer, all material are produced by ourselves.

– премия за качество – Strictly control product quality, and warranty 1 year.

Stable Production Ability Sample send within 3 days; 10-20 days lead time for mass order.

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