Eco Friendly 5 Blade Pliit Fan Heat Powered Mini Fan

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1.This stove fan is powered by transforming heat into energy, without using any battery or electricity.
2.The range of working temperature is about: 140°F / 60°C~662°F / 350°C, higher the temperature, faster it starts to spin.
Attention: the temperature can not be over 662°F when using the stove fan.
3.Can circulate heat throughout the room.
4.This stove fan is silent and quiet.

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Punkt nr: YL504
CFM: 180-210
kiirus: 1100rpm
Blade number: 5
müra: ≤25dB
Start Temperature: 140°F / 60°C
Working Temperature Range: 140°F / 60°C~662°F / 350°C
materjal: anodizing Alumiinium
Overall Size: 8.8 x 6.8(Height*Width)


Need no electricity, cords or batteriescreates its own electricity by using the heat of stove or fireplace
Increase your comforthelps circulate warm air throughout the room

Increased Efficiency:
Warm air is circulated directly into the living area rather than having most of the stove heat rise immediately to the ceiling, thereby increasing the heating efficiency of your stove.

Easy Operation:
The stove fan starts automatically and adjusts speed with the stove’s temperature. It runs faster to move air into the room as the stove heats up, and automatically slows down and stops as the stove burns down & cools.
For optimum performance, placement of stove fan on stove top is critical. Be sure to put the stove fan on the stove top so that cool air will be drawn over thecooling fins”. The stove fan should not be used directly in front of the stovepipe or at the front of the stove. Place the stove fan at the back edge of the stove as shown in the right pictures.


Q1. Mis on teie tingimustele pakkimine?
A: üldiselt, we pack our goods in color boxes and brown cartons. Kui olete seaduslikult registreeritud patent, paneme kauba oma kaubamärgiga kastid pärast saada oma volikiri.


Q2. Mis on teie maksetingimused?
A: T / T 30% deposiidina, ja 70% enne sünnitust. We’ll show you the photos of the products and packages before you pay the balance.


Q3. Mis on teie tarnetingimusi?
A: EXW, FOB, BLACK(less order)


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A: üldiselt, see võtab 30 et 45 päeva pärast oma ettemaksu. The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order.


Q5. Mis on teie proovi poliitika?
A: We can supply the sample within 3 days if we have ready parts in stock, but the customers have to pay the sample cost and the courier cost.


Q6. Kas sa testida kõiki oma kaupu enne sünnitust?
A: jah, meil on 100% test enne sünnitust

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