Circulate Large Air Flow Eco Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan

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stove fan Heat powered- no batteries or electricity required.

More efficiently circulates warm air throughout the room.

Less consumption, more efficiency.

Innovative and durable design.

Silent operation.

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The Heat Powered Stove Fan is designed to circulate the warm air throughout the whole room, instead of rising to the ceiling and keeping in small space. It helps to increase the efficiency of fireplaces with less fuel. This heat powered wood stove fan does not use any electricity or battery.

Just place this stove fan on the top of stove, with stove’s surface temperature between 50ºC-350ºC (122ºF-662ºF), the stove fan will run automatically, the fan will adjust its speed subject to the stove’s surface temperature, no running costs.

All heat powered stove fans are ideal to use on freestanding wood burning stoves, cast iron wood stoves, gas stoves, pellet stoves, also can be used on kitchen ranges and hobs in contemporary and traditional environments


Save energy and cut your fuel bill

If you use a stove as part of your home heating, the stove fan can save you money. One major issue with
the stove is that heat rises, which often means that the area above the stove is baking while the sofa is
in a chill. By moving hot air into the room, this fan breaks up the wall of heat, distributing air around the
room. This means you feel warmer while using the stove less.

How can it move without batteries?

It seems impossible, but this fan runs without batteries or electricity. It works because heat is a form of
energy. A bimetallic strip in the base of the fan converts a tiny fraction of the heat passing through it
into motion. This clever engineering also makes the stove fan self-starting and self-regulating. The
fan spins as soon as a minimum temperature is reached and the hotter the bimetallic strip gets, the faster
the fan turns and the more air it pumps out into the room. It will slow down and stop as the stove cools
Ultra-quiet and easy to install

The unique blade design and lack of motor means that the stove fan is nearly silent. It’s quiet enough to use in a silent room and unnoticeable against background household noise, such as the TV or dishwasher. This fan is available in a 2-blade, 3-blade or a 4 blade design and made from anodized aluminum that will not rust or decay. As there’s no electricity involved, simply put it onto your wood or gas stove and it will start automatically the next time the stove gets hot.


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