Mini stove fan

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MINI stove fan is only 125mm high and is suitable for small spaces.

stove fan Heat powered- no batteries or electricity required.

More efficiently circulates warm air throughout the room.

Less consumption, more efficiency.

Innovative and durable design.

Silent operation.

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MINI stove fan is only 125mm high and is suitable for small spaces.

The Heat Powered Stove Fan is designed to circulate the warm air throughout the whole room, instead of rising to the ceiling and keeping in small space. It helps to increase the efficiency of fireplaces with less fuel. This heat powered wood stove fan does not use any electricity or battery.

Just place this stove fan on the top of stove, with stove’s surface temperature between 50ºC-350ºC (122ºF-662ºF), the stove fan will run automatically, the fan will adjust its speed subject to the stove’s surface temperature, no running costs.

All heat powered stove fans are ideal to use on freestanding wood burning stoves, cast iron wood stoves, gas stoves, pellet stoves, also can be used on kitchen ranges and hobs in contemporary and traditional environments

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