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Short Description:

The Heat Powered Stove Fan is designed to circulate the warm air throughout the whole room, instead of rising to the ceiling and keeping in small space.It helps to increase the efficiency of fireplaces with less fuel.This heat powered wood stove fan does not use any electricity.Just place it on the top of stove,with a surface temperature between 50ºC-350ºC (122ºF-662ºF),the stove fan will create its own electricity with the heat,fast starts automatically and adjusts its speed with the stove temperature,no running costs.
Cordless,ready to use out of color box.It does not even require maintenance,except for occasional dusting! The fan also acts as an indicator that your fire needs to be stoked. When the spinning starts to slow down,it indicates it’s time to stoke the fire with more wood!

All heat powered stove fans are ideal for use on wood burning stoves,gas stoves,pellet stoves and can also be used on kitchen ranges and hobs in contemporary and traditional environments.

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Due to the fact that hot air rises; most of the heat from your stove simply escapes directly above and is lost. That means you aren’t actually feeling the full benefit.

By placing a stove Fan on your stove, heat from and around your stove is pushed outwards around the room. With the additional power of convection, you are no longer relying just on the radiated heat – you’ll benefit from a warmer living area, fewer hot spots and potentially lower fuel bills.


A Stove Fan does two things; firstly it keeps itself at the optimum operating temperature, and secondly it drives the warm air into the room, creating improved airflow.

Product Description

Item No. YL503
Blade No. 2-blades
CFM 150-180
Speed 1300rpm
Power 1W
Voltage 3V
Noise ≦25db
Star Temperature 50℃
Work Temperature 50℃-350℃
Material Anodizing Aluminum
Dimension 157*108*223mm
Unit Packing 186*139*218mm
Master Carton 560*385*235mm
Unit/Carton 8pcs
N.W. 0.58KGS
G.W. 0.82KGS
Certification CE/RoHs

Key benefit:

  • Exquisite workmanship
  • Eco friendly stove fan
  • silent operation
  • safe, economical operation
  • No electricity needed, no external power source required
  • generates its own electricity from the heat from the stove to operate
  • starts automatically, the hotter, the faster
  • Operates on almost all stoves



The mini heat powered stove fan will get extremely hot during operation. Do not touch any part of the fan while it is operating,or until it has cooled down after operation.

Please make sure that the stove fan has completely cooled down before being places on an unprotected surface.

Children must be supervised when the heat powered stove fan is operating.



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