Aluminum Heat Sink For Efficient Heat Dissipation

The rapid development of electronic products has brought great convenience to our lives, but at the same time, we will also face new challenges, that is, electronic products will face severe heat dissipation problems during operation. For example, in the summer, using the computer for a long time will keep the computer at high temperature. In order to prevent the computer from malfunctioning due to high temperature, various types of heat sinks will enter the hot period.

In order to help electronic products dissipate heat efficiently and maintain the smooth operation of electronic products, it is very important to choose a good heat sink. Aluminum profile radiator is the best among radiators. Its beautiful appearance, strong metal texture, light weight, good heat dissipation effect, and affordable price make it popular with businesses and users.

Yuanlv Hardware Company produces aluminum heat sinks with superior performance and is widely used in heat dissipation fields such as electronics, appliances, and automobiles.

For the heat sink, in order to absorb as much heat as possible from the electronic power amplifier in a short time, it must have a high thermal conductivity coefficient. Yuanlv Hardware Company chooses 6063 aluminum alloy as its heat sink material, with thermal conductivity of 201W / mK. Compared with general metal heat-conducting materials, the use of aluminum alloys not only has an exquisite appearance and affordable price, but also has strong heat-conducting ability to meet the heat dissipation requirements of various electronic products. The extremely high purity aluminum alloy makes this radiator extremely resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, so it has a longer service life.

In order to improve the heat dissipation ability, this heat sink adopts a fin shape with stronger heat dissipation performance in shape. It is made by bending a thin aluminum plate to have a larger surface area, which can not only conduct heat in a larger area, but also greatly increase the area of ​​the heat sink panel and air, so that the heat sink can be used in a shorter time. Remove heat. Careful design makes the heat sink more powerful, and careful processing allows the heat sink to meet the cooling needs of more electronic products.

In order to make the product more high-quality, Yuanlv Hardware Company will also perform a number of technical processing on it. With the help of the drawing process, the surface roughness of the radiator is reduced, so that the product has a smoother and brighter surface, allowing users to use more refined and beautiful products. In addition, Yuanlv Hardware Company can oxidize or paint the surface of the product into various colors according to the needs of the manufacturer.

Post time: 2020-01-27


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